Definitions for "Compositing"
The process of combining all or part of two or more digital images into a single image. Usually performed using an image-editing program.
Combining two or more video or electronic images into a single frame. This term can also describe the process of creating various video effects.
Process of combining two images to form a new image. The most common compositing operation is an over operation, where one image is placed over another, taking into account the alpha information of both images.
is the sampling that is done according to a specific criterion. For example, one could produce a composite of the rainfall at a station for all years where the temperature was much above average. [1; pg 378, 2
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Creating a special effect by overlaying titles, logo or video over a clip. The result forms a composite.
A method of reducing the number of drill hole intervals within a database to intervals of equal length for a given drill hole.
The creation of a design whose appearance at each point is a composite of the appearances of two other designs at that point. There are three varieties of compositing: composing over, composing in, and composing out.