Definitions for "composite"
An index or average which is a combination of multiple other indexes or averages....
Belonging to a certain order which is composed of the Ionic order grafted upon the Corinthian. It is called also the Roman or the Italic order, and is one of the five orders recognized by the Italian writers of the sixteenth century. See Capital.
That which is made up of parts or compounded of several elements; composition; combination; compound.
Belonging to the order Compositæ; bearing involucrate heads of many small florets, as the daisy, thistle, and dandelion.
A member of the Compositae, a family of plants (including the daisy, dandelion, and aster) in which the florets (small flowers) are borne in a close head surrounded by a common rosette of bracts (specialized leaves).
(See Mt. Lemmon) - a flower head with outer ray flowers forming "petals" surrounding inner disc flowers.
an internal object that is used to store sparse data compactly in a variable
an object that does two things
a tree structure consisting of individual objects mixed with compositions of objects, that is, objects that have other objects as their children
A stabilised or synthetic crossbred breed established from the mating of progeny of two or more existing breeds, eg Belmont Red and Droughtmaster.
A population created by crossing cattle according to a predetermined breed percentage. The purpose in most cases is to create a favorable genetic combination that can be perpetuated without further crossbreeding and to maintain some degree of hybrid vigor. The percentage of breed influence in a composite may be intentional changed from time to time for the purpose of maintaining a certain desired level of hybrid vigor and/or for the purpose of responding to changes in genetic objectives.
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Often referred to as a comp card. A card used to promote the model that contains several photos, the model's stats and contact information.
a card with your pictures and stats on it
A card with the model's picture, the agency representing them, and personal information (height, weight, etc.).
An aggregated set or group of objects that is recognized as an object itself (for example, characters in a paragraph, a named range of cells in a spreadsheet, or a grouped set of drawing objects).
a measure whose score is an aggregate of scores from other measures
an aggregation of a number of portfolios into a single group that represents a particular investment objective or strategy
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A single video signal containing all of the necessary information to reproduce a color picture.
A video signal that includes both display information and the synchronization and other signals needed to display it. There are monitor ports on the Apple IIgs for an NTSC composite monitor one that accepts signals that conform to the standards set by the National Television Standards Committee and for an analog RGB monitor.
The red, green, and blue portions of a video signal are encoded into a single, composite signal. NTSC video is a composite signal.
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A term created by Apple Computer, Inc. that describes a memory module that uses older 4-Mbit technology. For a given capacity, a composite module will have more chips than a noncomposite module.
An Apple Computer, Inc. term for a memory module that used an older technology and contained more but lower-density chips.
An image or page that is printed in color, rather than being printed as SEPARATIONS. Generally speaking, a page is printed as a composite only for proofreading, or when the page is going to a color printer. When a page is printed to an IMAGESETTER, it is sent as separations.
When ouputting a weather page, a composite has all the colors printed on one document. Examples: a color printout of a weather page from the color printer, the printouts that are mailed to clients. (see separations)
a unique finger print
An average that is done according to a specific criteria. For example, one could composite the rainfall at a station for all years where the temperature was much above average.
An average that is done according to a specific criterion. For example, one could produce a composite of the rainfall for all years where the temperature was much above normal. Top A-C D-H I-M N-R S-Z
A natural number that is not prime.
A composite number has non-trivial factors (ie factors other than itself and 1). Thus 13 is prime but 15=3*5 is composite. A number which is not composite is called prime. A polynomial which has non-trivial factors is called reducible.
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A proof with all the elements of the design in place, showing fonts, photos, graphics, screens, color breaks, etc.
an actor base class composed of zero or more actors (see actor) and an operation
a printed piece with three to ten photos of the model, preferably in professional settings
A patented FONIX test tone consisting of 80 puretones presented simultaneously.
consisting of separate interconnected parts
a figure made up of two or more shapes
An artefact made up of two or more parts joined together.
a structure containing two or more components (in
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The Composite was a New York City Subway car was built in 1903–04.
An item manufactured out of wood fiber and plastic to form a profile with superior performance properties.
A wood product produced by bonding wood fiber by heat and pressure.
a plastic that has gone to
A blend of thermoplastic alloys that is heated, pressurized and melted through a main extruder creating a solid core extrusion.
a vertex collapsing a sub-network, which is a sub-set of protein and relationship included in PIN
In the context of sub-branding, the prescribed placement of elements that make up the entire sub-brand identity.
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A method incorporating subjects from two or more separate images into one image. For example, if you took a picture of a landscape and then a picture of yourself and cut yourself out and paste it onto the landscape, then you have created a composite.
As a verb, to form an image by merging a foreground image and a background image, using transparency information to determine where the background should be visible. The foreground image is said to be "composited against" the background.
an image composed of several bands
a quantitative summary of what was observed in the past under climate circumstances deemed similar to that in progress for the current forecast, such as an El Nino
(production type) -- spawning in both the natural environment and in a hatchery or other artificial production facility.
a conceptual whole made up of complicated and related parts; "the complex of shopping malls, houses, and roads created a new town"
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Oxford English Dictionary
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See superimpose.
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adjective + m noun
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Standard A/V lead for many devices such as DVD players, VCR's, camcorders. Generally 3.5mm in size.
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All stocks that trade on NASDAQ (except the very small stocks listed on NASDAQ bulletin board).
Made up of distinct parts or elements; compounded; as, a composite language.
Formed of distinct parts or components, compound.
In film terms, the negatives are stripped together and a proof provided.
A single negative made from a series of exposures on 1 piece of film.
Carriage with seating for passengers of different classes.
a character that is based upon more than one person or personality in a writer's life or imagination.
a collection of individual photographs arranged together to visually represent an organization
a visual representation of your home page
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A motor with a non-black powder based propellant
Adverts that are due to appear in the same publication, same style, same column on the same day are brought together to create one large block advertisement, saving money as well as giving much greater impact.
Made up of different elements e.g. a composite insurance company is one which may have a general insurance arm and a life assurance arm.
A term used to describe columns or their capitals which use elements of more than one of the architectural orders.
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a collection of simple things
a collection of tasks
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tape See: Tape
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of or relating to or belonging to the plant family Compositae
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a more specific type of association
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see Composite property