Definitions for "Compliance monitoring"
Once a case has been resolved through settlement or judicial decree, there is a period in which ELS must check on the progress of the settlement agreement to ensure that all the provisions of the agreement are being followed.
A check done by the VAN/Third-Party network or the translation software to ensure the data being exchanged is in the correct format for the standard being used.
A type of monitoring done to ensure the meeting of immediate statutory requirements, the control of long-term water quality, the quality of receiving waters as determined by testing effluents, or the maintenance of standards during and after construction of a project (modified from Resh, D. M., and Rosenberg, V.H., eds., 1993, Freshwater Biomonitoring and Benthic Macroinvertebrates: New York, Chapman and Hall, 488 p).
Tracking and reporting information on what and how much service a program delivers, the clients it services, how much money it expends and, possibly, the outcomes it achieved, in relation to what an organization has agreed upon, generally referring to contractual arrangements made between an organization and its grant maker on the use of funds.