Definitions for "complementation"
The ability of two different mutations to produce a wild type phenotype in a double heterozygote.
In genetics, the restoration of a wild-type function (e.g., ability to grow on galactose) in diploid heterozygotes generated from haploids, each of which carries a mutation in a different gene whose encoded protein is required for the same biochemical pathway. If two mutants with the same mutant phenotype (e.g., inability to grow on galactose) can complement each other, then their mutations are in different genes. ( Figure 8-11)
The production of a wild-type phenotype when two different mutations are combined in a diploid or a heterokaryon.
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Mitotic Senile
Lod Senile
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Insight Schizophrenia
the grammatical relation of a word or phrase to a predicate.
Process of inverting each bit of a word.
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Latent Specialist
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filling a gap; with reference to proteins a shortage of an amino acid in one protein is made good by a relative surplus of another
(linguistics) a distribution of related speech sounds or forms in such a way that they only appear in different contexts