Definitions for "Complainant"
A person or group that files a complaint charging a utility with a violation of a law, order, tariff, or rule of the PUC.
A person who begins a legal prosecution eg: a person seeking a Peace & Good Behaviour Order, or a person making a complaint about criminal behaviour towards them, eg: a victim of assault.• Bail• Peace & Good Behaviour Orders
the victim of an alleged offence
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The party suing in equity, answering to the plaintiff at common law.
the one who files the suit, same as plaintiff.
The party who complaints or sues; one who applies to the Court for legal redress, also called the plaintiff.
the person(s) or group bringing charges forward or initiating a complaint
a person who brings an action in a court of law
an aggrieved member of the Willamette University Community bringing forward a complaint of sexual harassment
Person or organisation who lodges a complaint of discrimination with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.
Someone who lodges a complaint. See Claimant.
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is the party filing a civil rights complaint with either the ICRC or the EEOC.
an employee of the State OSHA program
a student, applicant to be a student, former student, employee, former employee, or applicant for employment at Colorado State who files a complaint
A complainant is the individual or organization that initiates a lawsuit by filing a complaint.
the individual who files a complaint seeking a reparations award against another individual or firm.
a student who is dissatisfied with College-related problems which are not matters of established College policy, but instead are practices of a particular department or division
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One who commences a legal process by a complaint.
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One who makes complaint.