Definitions for "Compile"
to process (computer program source code) with a compiler{2} to produce an assembly-language program or an executable program in machine language.
To translate from source code into an object form.
To translate a high-level programming language into machine language in preparation for execution.
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Compile was a Japanese video game company founded in 1983. Founded by Masamitsu Niitani (otherwise simply known as 'Moo'), they were responsible for developing some of the most colourful and popular action and puzzle games ever made, including their signature franchise, Puyo Puyo. Although they created games for many systems, they were noted for particularly strong support of the MSX and Turbo Grafx 16, as well as a number of notable games on the NES and Sega Master System.
To put together; to construct; to build.
To put together in a new form out of materials already existing; esp., to put together or compose out of materials from other books or documents.
collect and put together (for example, texts for a corpus).
The collecting of mail, postings or content pages into one document for easy download and print capabilities.
The Compile tool lets you condense several pages into one. This is useful when printing out the course contents.
Allows you to combine several pages from a content module into a single file, useful for printing course notes. If the instructor has made the tool available, click on it to do this. Choose the pages you want to include by clicking in the associated checkbox and then click on the Compile button. At this point the selected content appears as a web page. Choose Print from your browser's File menu to get a hard copy.
A heap of decomposing vegetable matter.
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The process that turns what you've created in the editor into a playable level.
A synonym for parse, when JavaScript is to be interpreted by an engine.
A compilation is presenting in the form of financial statements information that is the representation of management without expressing assurance. Compilation of a financial projection is assembling prospective statements based on assumptions of a responsible party, considering appropriateness of presentation, and issuing a compilation report. No assurance is provided on the statements or underlying assumptions.
To write; to compose.
To collect into a volume; to compose out of materials from other documents.
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To contain or comprise.
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Component Video COM Port
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Grow, as in compile up (grow up). Also, to live. RB: 1
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locate search
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See: compilation.