Definitions for "Competitive"
showing a fighting disposition without self-seeking; "highly competitive sales representative"; "militant in fighting for better wages for workers"; "his self-assertive and ubiquitous energy"
subscribing to capitalistic competition
Of or pertaining to competition; producing competition; competitory; as, a competitive examination.
Federal positions normally filled through open competitive examination nder civil service rules and regulations. About 60 percent of all Federal positions are in the competitive service.
involving competition or competitiveness; "competitive games"; "to improve one's competitive position"
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The act of being in competition. [D02495] RMW
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A match where the outcome is unpredictable.
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antigen and antibody reaction
A situation in which no buyer(s) or seller(s) have the power to affect or manipulate market prices.
In business: Describes a situation where many businesses are competing against one another for customers.
Grant: A process of proposal selection based on the evaluation by a reviewer or team of reviewers. Proposals are given scores based on how well they meet stated guidelines, and are competitively ranked. Those with the highest scores are generally funded. Contract: A formal agreement by which a funding agency (e.g. HUD) agrees to pay a specified amount to an organization or local government for a task or set of tasks it needs or desires to have performed.
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trying to win; working against someone else.