Definitions for "compare "
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pal, buddy, friend.
rony, close pal, buddy. Literally, "godfather" in Italian.
crony, close pal, buddy. Literally, "godfather" in Italian.
To inflect according to the degrees of comparison; to state positive, comparative, and superlative forms of; as, most adjectives of one syllable are compared by affixing "- er" and "-est" to the positive form; as, black, blacker, blackest; those of more than one syllable are usually compared by prefixing "more" and "most", or "less" and "least", to the positive; as, beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful.
to form the comparative or superlative form on an adjective or adverb
compare is similar to cmp but faster and with better readable output. compare examines one file and standard in, or two files on a byte by byte basis, and prints the file position of the first difference it finds, first in decimal and then in hexadecimal, followed by the differing byte content in hexadecimal and a quoted character.
To examine the character or qualities of, as of two or more persons or things, for the purpose of discovering their resemblances or differences; to bring into comparison; to regard with discriminating attention.
Examine qualities or characteristics in order to discover resemblance's. The term compare is usually stated as compare with, and it implies that you are to emphasize similarities, although differences may be mentioned.
qualities that are comparable; "no comparison between the two books"; "beyond compare"
Compare two strings, S1 starting at address ADDR1 , the other, S2 starting at address ADDR2 , paying attention to the case of alphabetic characters. The number of bytes to be compared is on top of the stack. Results are returned as follows: String relationship Result s1 = s2 ............ 0 s1 s2 ............ 1 s1 s2 ............ -1 An example that uses a compiled string and a string at PAD follows: : BIGGERTHANLIFE? ( $string -- result ) COUNT DROP " LIFE" COUNT COMPARE ; " MARYLIN" BIGGERTHANLIFE? . ( print 1 ) Related Words: TEXT=? $= MATCH? SCAN
To represent as similar, for the purpose of illustration; to liken.
Illustration by comparison; simile.
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to describe as being the same
consider or describe as similar, equal, or analogous; "We can compare the Han dynasty to the Romans"; "You cannot equate success in financial matters with greed"
a Web-based assessment tool that enables oncology practices to perform comprehensive comparisons of multiple regimens for a given diagnosis, including clinical efficacy, toxicity, cost and reimbursement
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To be like or equal; to admit, or be worthy of, comparison; as, his later work does not compare with his earlier.
To vie; to assume a likeness or equality.
be comparable; "This car does not compare with our line of Mercedes"
Allows users to choose up to three vehicles to compare safety, interior, exterior, engine, packages, and colours. When two vehicles are compared, advantages for each car, along with specifications for each, are listed. When a third car is added to the mix, advantages are not listed but a through list of specifications are available for each chosen vehicle.
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Accrual Accounting'.
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To get; to procure; to obtain; to acquire
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Compares the data on the disk with the data on the backup medium – this also will reports any change in the data
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to verify that a copy of a file is identical to the source
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evaluate plan