Definitions for "Comorbidity"
Two or more illnesses present at the same time. They may be related to the same causal agent or just coexist.
The co-occurrence of two or more mental disorders in the same individual.
The co-occurrence of two or more disorders, such as depression and panic disorder.
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a specific patient condition that is secondary to the patient's principal diagnosis or impairment that is used to place a patient into a RIC
Any condition, excluding the principal diagnosis, for which the patient receives treatment of management during the admission or which affects the patient's care during the period of stay
Preexisting condition that, because of its presence with a specific diagnosis, causes an increase in length of stay by at least one day in approximately 75 percent of the cases (as in complication and comorbidity [CC]). Back to the top of the page
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Ligation Stimulant
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In medicine and in psychiatry, comorbidity is either
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