Definitions for "Community of Practice"
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An affinity group. An informal network or forum where tips are exchanged and ideas generated [Thomas A. Stewart]. A group of professionals, informally bound to one another through exposure to a common class of problems, common pursuit of solutions, and thereby themselves embodying a store of knowledge [McKinsey & Co.].
Communities of practice are groups of practitioners who work as a community in a certain domain. One objective of DODEs is to support communities of practice. Virtual communities of practice are supported with the remote explorium. - R: Remote Explorium
a community of skilled individuals who share their knowledge is shared
a joint collaboration between the Educational Equity Center at AED and the AED Center for Youth Development and Policy Research, with funding from the National Science Foundation
an interactive forum for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers eager to strengthen the role of afterschool education in increasing girls' participation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and careers
an intrinsic condition for the existence of knowledge
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