Definitions for "Communist Party of Spain"
Keywords:  comunista, pce, partido, espa, splinter
The Communist Party of Spain (Partido Comunista de España or PCE) is the third largest national political party of Spain. It is the largest member organization of the coalition Izquierda Unida (IU, United Left) and has influence in the largest union of Spain, Workers' Commissions (CC.OO.).
Partido Comunista de España (marxista-leninista) (Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist), PCE (m-l)) was a communist political party in Spain, formed in 1964 through the merger of splinter groups of Communist Party of Spain (PCE). PCE(m-l) followed the line of the Communist Party of China and Maoism until 1976, when it PCE(m-l) took the side of the Party of Labour of Albania against the Chinese, during the events that led to the Sino-Albanian split.
Partido Comunista de España (VIII y IX Congresos) (Communist Party of Spain (8th and 9th Congresses)) was a pro-Soviet splinter group of Communist Party of Spain (PCE).