Definitions for "Communications"
A system for communicating information from one location to another.
programs that temporarily connect computers to each other to exchange information.
The means of electronically linking two computers to exchange information using Electronic Data Interchange.
The Communications Committee is responsible for all official ISSCR communications vehicles, including the online member newsletter, the proposed ISSCR section in an established industry journal, the ISSCR Web site, and Internet listserv postings. Kyunghee Choi, Ph.D., Chair Washington University School of Medicine [email protected]
The section of Mustang District administration that maintains on-line communication. and and [email protected] Also promote Scouting through newspaper and other media. Volunteers needed.
Comments are used to make communications to Guild Council. If you wish to make a communication about an individual officer or committee this must be emailed to the independent chairs in advance or it will not be allowed. Any other communications can be given by raising your hand during the comments section of the agenda, though if these are known about in advance we would ask that these are emailed to the Independent Chairs first.
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all forms used for interchange of information. Communications includes all public and private communication facilities (e.g., fire, police, military, government, private radio operators (HAM), newspapers, other news media, television, telephone and telex, facsimile, the Internet, satellite, and other facilities that can be used in time of disaster.27 It is a basic societal function.
the discipline that studies the principles of transmiting information and the methods by which it is delivered (as print or radio or television etc.); "communications is his major field of study"
Broadband Internet » GPS » Mobile Phones » Satellite Radio » Satellite TV » Video Conferencing » VOIP
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a Denver-based public relations and research firm specializing in building awareness and securing support for its clients' business objectives
a public relations, marketing and research firm
a world class staffing and consulting services firm based in Cary, NC
a direct mailing business with a focus on fundraising and is a christian direct mailer company
a green Phone and Internet company located in Illinois that has taken many steps to make its business eco-effective
Castles were often built on ridge lines within sight of each other so that signal fires could be used at night to pass on an alarm. Both the Arab armies and the Crusaders also used carrier pigeons.
a Creative Innovations company managed by Kathy Adams
a list of the latest NASA frequenciesworldwide
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a member of the SquareTrade Seal Program
How your PC keeps in touch. This includes: e-mail, the Internet, your network. This is done via modem, Ethernet or wireless connections.
a leading French software company offering mobility management software for wireless Wi-Fi networks
a leading independent owner and operator of wireless
a regional Public Relations company servicing multinational clients in the fashion and luxury brand industries
The product and service of Available Communications. Includes many methods and portals.
Method of communicating with students; e.g., an award letter.
an all-encompassing word for all transport methods.
One person talking to another
The ways in which people, goods and ideas move from one place to another. It usually refers to roads and railways.
a Voice Over IP Solution Provider offering Small and Medium Business solutions in the Northern California region
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Improving communication skills and strategies.
an encryption standard designed to protect communication in transit over the network
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a respected authority
The transmission of data from one device to another.
a software program one computer uses to communicate with another
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