Definitions for "Commissioner"
The head administrator of the State Real Estate Commission.
The person, either elected or not, who agrees to be the league administrator. His duties often include collecting fees and dispersing winnings, payment of league expenses, settling disputes, adherence to league rules, selection of a league management service (or compiling stats), recruiting eams to replace defunct franchises, organization of the draft and preparation of a weekly newsletter, among others. This person is often the league’s originator, and may assume ‘commish for life’ status. Many leagues allocate a stipend for the commissioner.
The leader of a fantasy football league. A fantasy football commissioner oversees all aspects of the league, including organizing the draft and reporting the results of fantasy games.
The role taken within District Health Authorities where services are specified and purchased as part of the NHS reforms.
A volunteer Scouter who is the quality control person for the program at the unit, district, or council level.
The Scouter with overall responsibility for the operation of a council.
A person who has a commission or warrant to perform some office, or execute some business, for the government, corporation, or person employing him; as, a commissioner to take affidavits or to adjust claims.
a person authorized by the Province of Ontario to take your oath or declaration when you sign an Affidavit or Statutory Declaration
A state officer who administers the state's insurance laws and regulations. In some states, this regulator is called the director or superintendent of insurance.
Workers' Compensation Commissioner, an administrative official authorized by the Workers' Compensation Act to have jurisdiction in whatever matter referred to in a given section of the Act.
important official in the Commission or organisation
the president of the NBA.
a tough job, requiring equal parts consummate manager, technocrat and Lord High Executioner
An officer having charge of some department or bureau of the public service.
a person to whom a commission is granted by the government or a court. The commission is usually granted for a set time, a set subject matter, and/or a set geographical area, or the management of some bureau or agency of the government. All lawyers have an unrestricted commission. The Mining and Lands Commissioner is an example. Also see Mining Act R.S.O. 1990 section 1.
Alfred W. Gross, Commissioner of Insurance for the Bureau of Insurance, State Corporation Commission of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
a high-ranking police officer, generally in charge of and responsible for the policing of a town or other large area
Learship/management position in state government. Includes Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Education, Commissioner of the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services, and others.
A member of city government. Commissioner of fire represents the fire department in city government. In some departments there is no commissioner and the fire chief is the ranking official directly responsible to city government.
Person or organisation which decides to launch an evaluation. Commissioners have the advantage of making their priorities explicit by establishing a mandate. A commissioner will steer the work of an evaluation team either directly or through a multi-stakeholder steering group or other evaluation authority set up for this purpose. Related Terms: Client BACK
The person who signs his/her group up, and serves as the person who oversees the pool. This person also decides on various options for his/her group in the Commissioner Control Panel.
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a facilitator who brings people of different views together, finds solutions and moves forward
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see Enclosure Commissioner.
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Public Service Commissioner
The Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service.
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a member of a commission