Definitions for "commercialization"
includes protecting, managing and developing the commercial value of IP and research, most commonly through the creation of linkages with industry and the creation of commercial enterprises linked by formal legal agreements
The adoption of a commercial approach to the delivery of public services. Commercialization helps to improve services by increasing responsiveness and reducing costs while protecting the public interest. It can also involve cost recovery from users. Commercialization has been used to improve the management of Crown corporations, mixed private-public enterprises, transfers to other levels of government and privatization. For example, the National Airports Policy leased Canada's 26 busiest airports to local, not-for-profit organizations that manage them towards self-sufficiency.
In a microfinance context, commercialization refers to the move by MFIs to provide services on a financially self-sufficient basis and under prevailing commercial principle and regulations.
the act or process of making something commercial in character. See commercialize.
Sequence of actions necessary to achieve market entry and general market competitiveness of new innovative technologies, processes, and products.
Programs or activities that increase the value or decrease the cost of integrating new products or services into the electricity sector. (See "Sustained Orderly Development.")