Definitions for "Commercial activity"
means a business carried on by a person or an adventure or concern in the nature of trade (other than a business, or adventure or concern, engaged in by an individual, a personal trust, or a partnership comprised solely of individuals, without a reasonable expectation of profit) except to the extent that the business or adventure involves the making of exempt supplies by the person. The definition also includes the making of a supply (other than an exempt supply) of real property and anything done in the course of or in connection with the making of the supply.
Related to the offering for sale or resale, purchase, trade, barter, or the actual or intended transfer in the pursuit of gain or pro'- it of any item of wildlife, and includes the use of any wildlife article for the purpose of facilitating such buying and selling provided, however, that it does not include exhibition of such articles by museums or similar cultural or historical organizations.
A commercial activity involves the making and provision of a product or providing a service that is commercial in nature. Under PIPEDA, commercial activities also include the selling, leasing, trading or sharing for some consideration, donor, membership or other fundraising lists.
a not inherently governmental good or service that can be obtained from the private sector