Definitions for "Commands"
Keywords:  imperative, statements
imperative statements
Instructions that you give to your computer. You have to speak its language, and do it in just the right way.
The instructions embedded into a database or computer program that result in an operation being performed. For example, the options for "enter", "search" and "print" are computer commands.
These are the instructions sent to the payload. For example, an experiment may not be started on the ground (or while the balloon is rising) so instructions would be sent to the payload after the balloon achieves float altitude to start the instruments.
Keywords:  undo, task, exit, keywords, tell
special codes or keywords that tell the computer to perform a task, like RUN "SALES"
This word describes all the various tasks that can be performed in a program. Some examples of commands are open, exit, cut, copy, and undo.
You can retrieve data from your database without using Banner. Some examples of how to do this are the Spreadsheet Budgeting application that works with Microsoft Excel and your database, and SQL commands.
The actions provided by a computer program to execute specific functions of the program.