Definitions for "Coming out"
Used to describe when a person "comes out of the closet." Coming out involves telling friends and family that you are a homosexual.
the process by which a gay/lesbian/bisexual person acknowledges his/her sexual identity to himself/herself and a transgendered person acknowledges his/her gender identity to himself/herself and then proceeds to tell others about it. Coming out has many levels, starting from coming out to oneself, to coming out to family, friends, colleagues and the wider society. Coming out is seen as an affirmative process and a method of bringing about social change, though it is accompanied by a certain amount of risk due to societal heterosexism and homophobia.
The coming out process is the means by which a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender (GLBT) person comes to terms with his/her sexual orientation. Some call this coming out to oneself. Coming out to others, telling someone that they are GLBT, is a neverending process. Because heterosexism is so pervasive in our society, GLBT individuals must decide how "out" they want to be with new people or in new situations. Also known as coming out of the closet.
Coming Out is an upcoming 2007 comedy film written by Steve Allison and Sara Sugarman. The film stars Alan Cumming and Catherine Zeta-Jones, who will also be producing it with her brother David. A Jones, who apparently came up with the basis of the film.
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When the shooter is about to make the come-out roll.
A term to designate that a new come out roll is about to happen.
The shooter is about to throw a come out roll.
Coming Out was released by The Manhattan Transfer on August 19, 1976 on the Atlantic Records. It is the group's second album, following their debut album The Manhattan Transfer, released the previous year.
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A person admitting that they are TG or Gay to one or more other people.
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This describes when a new come bet is made.