Definitions for "Comb"
Keywords:  fleshy, chicken, crest, roosters, fowl
The serrated vibratory doffing knife of a carding machine.
The naked fleshy crest or caruncle on the upper part of the bill or hood of a cock or other bird. It is usually red.
The curling crest of a wave.
An instrument with teeth, for straightening, cleansing, and adjusting the hair, or for keeping it in place.
An instrument for currying hairy animals, or cleansing and smoothing their coats; a currycomb.
A toothed instrument used for separating and cleansing wool, flax, hair, etc.
Keywords:  cheek, helmet, ridge, fore, shooter
The ridge running fore and aft along the skullpiece of a helmet.
The side of the stock that fits against your cheek.
A comb s of an enemy, but remember that forewarned is fore-armed
Keywords:  honey, brood, bees, pollen, waxen
The waxen framework forming the walls of the cells in which bees store their honey, eggs, etc.; honeycomb.
the hexagonal structure used to store honey and raise brood.
The wax portion of a colony in which eggs are laid, and honey and pollen are stored.
Keywords:  coomb, valley, unwatered, saxon, anglo
That unwatered portion of a valley which forms its continuation beyond and above the most elevated spring that issues into it.
A dry measure. See Coomb.
combe. coomb. A narrow valley or deep hollow, especially one enclosed on all side but one [Anglo Saxon].
Keywords:  nutritious
The collector of an electrical machine, usually resembling a comb.
Stationary unit of shearing handpiece which enters and holds the fibre as it is cut. A machine which removes short fibre (noils), neps and vegetable matter and further aligns the fibres.
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a much betetr choice
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Comb is a set of web component. writen in JavaScript, HTC, CSS, HTML. Support IE
Keywords:  anna, i'll, i'm, ivory, idea
a good idea, I'll have a look at those Anna, I'm having the ivory colour
ciliated comb-like swimming plate of a ctenophore
Keywords:  lace, stack, randomly, cards, deck
Another term for Lace: To randomly place cards into a stack of cards one at a time.
Another word for lace or to place cards in a stack on at a time.
The random insertion of cards in a deck. This is also known as Lace.
The thumbpiece of the hammer of a gunlock, by which it may be cocked.
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ASL Browser
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a must for every grooming kit
Keywords:  windsor, spindles, bow, caps, curved
A curved, horizontal piece of wood that caps the bow of a low-back Windsor, or connects the spindles of a comb-back Windsor.
One of a pair of peculiar organs on the base of the abdomen of scorpions.
Keywords:  micrometer, notched, scale, wire
The notched scale of a wire micrometer.
Keywords:  devon, crown, bank, top
The top or crown of a bank (Devon).
Keywords:  hat, bat, former, cone, hardening
A former, commonly cone-shaped, used in hat manufacturing for hardening the soft fiber into a bat.
Keywords:  pegs, upright, warp, strands, beam
A series of upright metal pegs which separate the individual WARP strands and guide them onto a BEAM in proper order.
A decorative technique of dragging a tool across the surface of molten glass to distort an applied design. See also “feathering.
search thoroughly; "They combed the area for the missing child"
Keywords:  panes, sticks, match, section, come
A measured section of match sticks contained in a match book. Combs come in all match books. (See Panes).
Keywords:  mate, birds, potential, eye, male
The comb is only found in male birds and consists of a colored area over the eye. A well developed comb can also signal (sexual) health to a potential mate.
Keywords:  worn, simple, piece
a simple piece that can be worn with almost any
Keywords:  statistical, device
a statistical device
Keywords:  assembly, magnetic, disk, moves, arms
n. In a magnetic disk unit, an assembly of access arms that moves as a unit.
Keywords:  aiming, higher, stock, part
Higher part of a stock while aiming.
Keywords:  scheme, mixed, benefit, contracted
Contracted Out Mixed Benefit (Scheme)
Keywords:  eye, males, colored, area, over
Colored area over eye found in males.
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Combinatorial function