Definitions for "Columnar"
having the form of a column; "trees with columned trunks"; "columnar forms"; "a columnlike tree trunk"
Describes a narrow upright tree form. See fastigiate.
Erect with a stout main stem or trunk.
A term used to describe a shape resembling tall, narrow, somewhat cylindrical or prismatic crystals. In some traditional texts, the term is applied to aggregates.
col-UM-nar Tall cells, as in epithelium. 594
Aggregate defining a mineral which has parallel, slender, compact, adjoining crystals.
A type of soil structure where the soil peds (or chunks) are in the shape of a column with a rounded top.
a type of epithelial tissue whose cells are shaped like columns. The tissue resembles a series of dominoes laid side by side.
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Formed in columns; having the form of a column or columns; like the shaft of a column.
characterized by columns; "columnar construction"
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A long structure in a flower or plant.