Definitions for "Color Wheel"
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A circular arrangement of twelve colors with yellow, red, and blue as equidistant primary hues. This arrangement is used by most artists who utilize pigment colors.
Disque des couleurs Farbenrad, n Rueda de colores A radial diagram of colors in which primary and secondary, and sometimes intermediate colors are displayed as an aid to color identification, choosing, and mixing. A color wheel with primary (red, yellow, blue), secondary (orange, green, violet) and terti
Diagrammatic arrangement of the visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation (color) in a circular fashion so that the primary colors (red,yellow,blue) are located 180 degrees from the secondary colors that complement them (green, violet,orange,respectively).
a great tool when choosing colors
a handy tool for everyone from software programmers to interior decorators and hobbyists
a handy tool to use in developing a color scheme for your dining area
a common method of depicting the method of encoding color in video
a good way to represent color in video production and display Quadrature amplitude modulation is used to encode two color component signals to become a single NTSC Chrominance signal
Dichroic glass filters used in illuminators to change the color of the light conducted through the fibers.
a color encyclopedia that gives you the definitions, concepts and design applications
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a spinning disc
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a device that helps you compare one color to another