Definitions for "Color matching"
Keywords:  pantone, printouts, hue, match, sample
The process of comparing colors, either by eye or by instrument, and making adjustments if necessary, with the intent of reducing differences between the item being colored and the standard. Critical to color matching are: The light under which the colors are compared. (The light source being used in the real conditions of the commercial environment should be used to match colors). The surface texture of the object being matched (cut pile carpet can appear darker than loop made of the same yarn). The surface luster of the object being matched (higher luster yarn can look darker than lower luster fibers).
To duplicate the sample of the color given.
Refers to the selection of a thread that will match the sewn fabric. The best process is to match a color off the color card because: 1. The shade has been formulated; and, 2. There is a better chance that there is inventory available.
Using a computer to scan and analyze customer’s unique colors to ensure accuracy in color reproduction in manufacturing.