Definitions for "Color management"
The control of color reproduction in a digital graphic production process. The various input and output devices from the scanner to the printing press support different color spaces, depending on the device. In order to standardize the way colors appear throughout the production process, color profiles are generated for all devices and processes. The combination of these color profiles makes it possible to calculate the coefficients necessary for data conversion. Those colors in a given color space that cannot be displayed in another color space are approximated as closely as possible.
A set of software designed to increase the accuracy and consistency of color between a scanner, display and printer.
A set of software technologies that seeks to match color across input, display, and output devices by referencing their color behavior to a known standard by means of device profiles. The signals each device receives are adjusted in such a way that the perceived color remains consistent.
Calibration of equipment to yield accurate color reproductions and picture enlargements.
The hardware, software, techniques and processes used to maintain control of color reproduction.