Definitions for "collusion"
A secret activity undertaken by two or more people for the purpose of fraud.
A secret agreement and cooperation for a fraudulent or deceitful purpose; a playing into each other's hands; deceit; fraud; cunning.
An agreement between two or more persons to defraud a person of his rights, by the forms of law, or to obtain an object forbidden by law.
An academic malpractice. Collusion occurs when: collaboration between students results in pieces of work which are submitted by individual students as their own work but where the pieces of work are essentially the same or very similar; a student colludes with a third party to produce a piece of assessed work.
Collusion is a term to refer to acts of cooperation or collaboration among rival entities.
receiving unauthorized help from someone when writing your essay. For example, paying a tutor to re-write your essay. Of course, some types of help are permitted: discussing your ideas with your TA, asking a librarian to recommend resources, etc. If you're not sure whether getting help from this person is permitted, ask your professor.
A deal between persons usually to the detriment of other persons or for some improper purpose.
refers to when companies in an oligopoly market try to restrict production and keep prices high
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Communication and/or coordinated actions among firms, usually aimed at affecting market prices or quantities.
The act of working together with other producers in an effort to limit competition and increase joint profits.