Definitions for "Collograph"
A print taken from a collage of materials built onto a support board, sealed and inked, and impressed onto the paper, usually by running it through an etching press. A collograph plate may be printed as a relief plate (raised surfaces are inked and printed) or as a intaglio plate (areas below the surface are inked and printed), or as both in different inkings and printings (also called a collage relief print, collage intaglio or cardboard relief).
is a print made from assembled materials that have been glued onto a hard surface such as metal, wood, or plastic. The surface is inked and printed, usually as a relief print. The plate also can be wiped clean and pulled through the press to create an embossed print. See Rolling Stock Series No. 7, for Jim and Rolling Stock No. 22, for Bill for examples of collography used with etching and monoprint.
a collage of various textures on a backing board, which is inked and pulled through a flatbed press, creating a rich and varied print