Definitions for "college education"
a better investment than anything else
a big investment that often requires some financial juggling and even sacrifice
a composite of the student's investment of commitment and interest, the facilities and faculty the college can offer, and a certain intangible intellectual quality which thrives in some campus communities and which withers in others
a big ticket item
a the foundation on which you build your future
a ticket to a better future," Paige said
a multi-faceted process, and nowhere is that more evident than at the University of Wyoming
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a broader exposure to life making a person "life smart"
a door pass, in many respects, but learning is a life-long pursuit
Keywords:  stupid, fool, lot, sign, totally
a sign of a totally stupid person, a fool who has been parted from a lot of money
a self-directed journey in which each individual must decide where they wish to arrive and the nature and details of the route they wish to take to their destination
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a major bonus
Keywords:  privilege, right
a privilege, not a right
an important factor positively impacting the survival and lives of Americans
Keywords:  depth, instruction, library
an in-depth instruction on how to use a library