Definitions for "Colleague"
a person who is member of your class or profession; "the surgeon consulted his colleagues"; "he sent e-mail to his fellow hackers"
A colleague "from outside of your discipline" should be someone who knows your practice and can speak to your work in any or all of the themes of practice. Therefore, a colleague for this purpose is defined as someone with formal clinical training who is "a member of the care team" or a "direct care provider". Examples are pharmacists, chaplains, clinical dieticians, physicians, child-life specialists or any of the six disciplines involved in this program. They are nursing, occupational therapists, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, social workers and speech-language pathologists.
A fellow worker in a profession or business.
A partner or associate in some civil or ecclesiastical office or employment. It is never used of partners in trade or manufactures.
to produce - to manufacture
a true partner in the Gospel
Keywords:  coworker, classmate, friend
a friend, coworker, classmate
An intergrated computer software package designed to handle a wide range of college and university applications.
Software package that serves as the college's primary management information system.
a minister who has been called and inducted into a specially created collegiate position within a charge and is in every sense a minister of the charge and sharing equal standing with the first inducted minister
To unite or associate with another or with others.
an associate you work with
An associate who, through the application of specific knowledge or effort, provides information or assistance in the development of a technology.
A term of address used by members to refer to one another, as in "my distinguished colleague."