Definitions for "Collagen"
The chemical basis of ordinary connective tissue, as of tendons or sinews and of bone. On being boiled in water it becomes gelatin or glue.
A helical protein that forms the biologic fabric of bone and most other connective tissues.
This soft tissue forms the majority of the supporting tissue support for cells, blood vessels, and the framework for organs. It is produced by the fibroblast.
Lethal Steel
Lethal Surgical
Localization Sclera Lupus Selenium
Membrane Systemic
Microscopy Stroma
Membrane Tendinitis
Lymphoma Steroid
Invasive Steroid
Lymphoma Sedimentation
Mutagenesis Substrate
Maxillary Substrate
Keywords:  methimazole, tachycardia
Methimazole Tachycardia
Keywords:  ligation, serum
Ligation Serum
Keywords:  somatic
Keywords:  malabsorption, stroke
Malabsorption Stroke
Keywords:  symptomatic, nausea
Nausea Symptomatic
Keywords:  infusion, recombinant
Infusion Recombinant
Keywords:  shunt, lipid
Lipid Shunt
Keywords:  lysine, stimulant
Lysine Stimulant
Keywords:  metastasize, spectrum
Metastasize Spectrum
Keywords:  pork, product
Pork product.
Keywords:  mobility, surgical
Mobilization Surgical
Keywords:  lesion, secretion
Lesion Secretion
Keywords:  molecular, toxic
Molecular Toxic
Keywords:  lymphocytic, systemic
Lymphocytic Systemic
Keywords:  soluble, see
(See Soluble Collagen.)