Definitions for "collaborative"
Systems and software that enable group participation in a problem or process. Collaboration systems supply methods for group definition, common technology, interaction and followup, and present a common situation view to all participants while enabling faster problem resolution.
One definition of collaborate is to work together in a joint effort. The term "collaborative" is applied to real-time interactions, groupware, shared information spaces, file sharing, advanced monitoring and management, supply chain integration, etc. In the context of eBusiness, we call a process "collaborative" if it allows real-time, electronically-enabled business interactions. Collaboration allows supply chain partners to make joint decisions by sharing information real time and/or interacting on-line using a solution that allows interactive information/knowledge exchange.
a quality improvement method that shares ideas on how to improve care and makes health care professionals part of a network of experts and fellow learners
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An agreement or a relationship in which two or more parties work together (co-labor) on a task of mutual interest.
a group of two or more organizations working to achieve a common goal
cooperative; working with others on a project.
accomplished by collaboration; cooperative; as, collaborative effort of industry and the universities. Opposed to competitive.
accomplished by collaboration; "collaborative research"
a creative enterprise specializing in branding, strategic research, product planning, graphic and interface design
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The Family Connection collaborative is the county public/private governance body responsible for the decision-making process to improve results for children, families and communities. Collaborative members include area public and private service providers, families, area business and educational leaders, local elected officials, faith-based and civic organizations,and other concerned citizens.
an improvement method that relies on spread and adaptation of existing knowledge to multiple settings to achieve a common aim
a community-based network that pools their resources and knowledge to help street homeless people into housing
art projects consist of ideas from two or more persons (one of which usually being an artist) combined into one homogenous design.
a social structure particularly suited for realizing he concept of the software factory