Definitions for "Col"
A short ridge connecting two higher elevations or mountains; the pass over such a ridge.
An exposed pass in a mountain range.
a low spot or pass along a cirque or an arete.
Lucia Culpeper, Stephen Griffen, Maria Meynall: These personages appear in the form of the letters they write home in Paulding's New Mirror for Travellers. The Culpepers hail from Santee, SC and are taking their first trip North. Stephen is the fiancee of Lucia; because he has been to Europe she considers him worldly and worries that her inexperience as a tourist may put her out of his favor. Maria is the friend to whom Lucia writes both to confide her fears and to report the excitements of her travels. ( back to Maria & Stephen |   Lucia | The Col.)
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Column ( Hansard)
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Com - Con - Cond - Cont - Coo - Cos - Cr - Cro - Cu
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ony Forming Unit (CFU) : The standard microbiological method used to count bacteria. The number of viable cells that give rise to a colony of bacteria on a suitable agar medium.
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cabbage (Mexico), Repollo (Spain)
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A magical cloak made from a lion's skin which provides bravery to the wearer.
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"colored"; black; Negro
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Crying Out Loud
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name of girlfriend (Blasted).
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No closing tag. Index Definition: Column (for a Table) Description: Denotes properties for a column or columns.
Yes IE3+ table column
Defines attributes for table columns 3.0 STF
Release into the Collection Channel upstream of the Dewatering Facility
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Commonwealth Of Learning
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The center of the deformation zone where winds are calm.
Chain Overseas, Low-flying Director (of Training, etc.)
Abbreviation for "Customer's Own Leather." Term used in a furniture specification when an item is being upholstered with leather from a source other than the manufacturer of the furniture.
Contingency Operating Location
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University of Colorado
ANY The variable in the window common block which defines a relationship.
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Collect Charges.
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Collect Call