Definitions for "Coin Toss"
Keywords:  loser, referee, kick, toss, winner
Before the beginning of a game, the referee tosses a coin and the captains of the opposing teams call the toss. The winner gets to choose whether to start with offense or defense or by choosing the goal to defend (mainly concerning sunshine and wind conditions). The loser of the coin toss will get the remaining choice. Teikkaus, rahan heitto (Arolainen)
A pre-game ceremony to determine who kicks off, who receives the ball and in which direction the teams will play.
A coin toss at the beginning of the 1st and 3rd games to decide serve and side.
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The kite is poised on a wing-top and flight onto the other through an axel.
Keywords:  binomial, experiment
a binomial experiment
Keywords:  axle, tip, ground
an axle from tip to tip on the ground
Keywords:  discrete, statistical, event
a discrete statistical event
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an example of randomness