Definitions for "COILS"
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Steel sheet that has been wound. A slab, once rolled in a hot-strip mill, is more than one-quarter mile long; coils are the most efficient way to store and transport sheet steel. Coke The basic fuel consumed in blast furnaces in the smelting of iron. Coke is a processed form of coal. About 1,000 pounds of coke are needed to process a ton of pig iron, an amount which represents more than 50% of an integrated steel mill's total energy use. Metallurgical coal burns sporadically and reduces into a sticky mass. Processed coke, however, burns steadily inside and out and is not crushed by the weight of the iron ore in the blast furnace. Inside the narrow confines of the coke oven, coal is heated without oxygen for 18 hours to drive off gases and impurities.
Sheet metal rolled from slab or ingot that has been wound into coiled roll. Coils are considered the most efficient way to store and transport sheet metal. Master coils are produced at the mill and slit coils are converted from the master coils in narrower widths through the slitting process. See sheet.
Stamps issued in rolls (one stamp wide) for use in dispensers or vending machines.
Wire is wrapped around a nonconductive material
The individual wire springs that is the major components of an innerspring unit.
The individual wire springs that form an innerspring unit. See Hour-glass Continous and Offset Coils.
are pieces of clay rolled like a rope, used in making pottery.
Long, snake-like ropes of clay that are used in making pottery. The coil method of making pottery involves building the walls of a pot with a series of coils into the required shape. Once the desired height has been reached the surface can either remain coil-textured or they can be smoothed. Much pottery in primitive cultures was made this way, and remains one of the principle hand-building technique potters use.
cylindrical pieces of clay used in hand construction of pots
Tubes of the condenser that serpentine either along the back or across the bottom of the outside of a refrigerator or freezer.
a system of small diameter pipes installed inside a liquid cargo tank for the purpose of heating the cargo by means of hot oil or steam.
In a cooling system, the narrow metal pipes through which a refrigerant is carried in a heat exchanger, condenser, air wash system or chiller.
Coil-shaped devices under clinical investigation for the treatment of BPH and urethral stricture disease. Coils are metallic devices inserted in the prostatic urethra where they expand to maintain an open prostatic urethra to facilitate urine flow.
An electronic inductive component made of copper. Coils with a kernel should be avoided because they are creating distortion. Air coils and Foil coils are distortion free. Foil coils have a very low resistance and a large flat surface. Therefore the electrons can better "travel" to the driver unit when Foil coils are used in a crossover.
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See "Winding."