Definitions for "coiling"
Keywords:  clay, pottery, pueblo, snake, potters
Clay is rolled back and forth to create a snake-like form. This is called a coil. When a coil is made into a circle and sucessively placed one on top the other or one conyinous spiral; one layer on top of it self; it forms a cylinder. This is called coiling.
To form pottery by the use of rolls of clay welded together.
A method of hand-building pottery in which the clay is rolled out into long, narrow ropes of clay that are placed one on top of another and joined to build up the form. Either the coils are left visible or the joints are smoothed over.
a procedure to insert platinum coils into an aneurysm; performed during an angiogram.
Keywords:  solidly, weaving, inner, core, thread
a weaving technique using an inner core which is wrapped solidly with a smaller thread.
Coiling is the process of winding flat material while it is still hot as it exists the extrusion rollers at the mill immediately after it has been formed.
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A testicle.
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in the shape of a coil