Definitions for "Coil Stamps"
stamps produced in a long strip, either vertically or horizontally. Some were once issued imperforate. More commonly coil stamps have been issued with perforations, die cuts or roulettes between the stamps. Coil stamps have been produced by the BEP and by private printers under contract to the Post Office. Coil stamps were once produced by private manufacturers from imperforate sheets provided by the Post Office. Coil stamps are sold by The Postal Service in rolls of 100, 3,000 and 10,000. Historically they have also been sold in rolls of 500.
marginal marking found on certain flat plate sheets. These sheets have increased spacing between the 10th and 11th vertical rows. These sheets were intended to become coil stamps, but some became coil waste. This marginal inscription was trimmed off the sheet during coil production, but remained on the panes sold as coil waste.
Stamps prepared in rolls or coils to be dispensed by shops or vending machines.