Definitions for "Coherence"
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Connection or dependence, proceeding from the subordination of the parts of a thing to one principle or purpose, as in the parts of a discourse, or of a system of philosophy; a logical and orderly and consistent relation of parts; consecutiveness.
(in Idealism). Coherence, or consistency, with the whole system of knowledge previously recognized as true, is considered by idealistic monism to be the criterion of truth.
9,10,11,12 The quality of a piece of writing in which the ideas are clearly arranged so a reader can follow the progression from one idea to the next.
Within GNS theory, this is a general term for play where everyon shares a focused priority on a single GNS mode or functional hybrid. Game designs are said to be coherent if they clearly encourage play of this sort: in particular by having mechanics which support the GNS mode encouraged by the text. The opposite is Incoherence. References: GNS and Other Matters of Role-playing Theory Simulationism: The Right to Dream
maintenance of a constant phase relationship between rotating or oscillating waves or objects. Loss of phase coherence of the spins results in a decrease in the transverse magnetization and hence a decrease in the NMR signal.
DAN’S version; (Co-here-and-see). and coherent emotion. Same meaning in math, in hydronamics (wave theory), and in poetry: all the meanings or waves fit one nest in order. Suggestive of columniation, cascading, phase locking or phase discipline. Onset coherence in light is a laser, in emotion is a piezoelectric glandular mediated real felt motion ready to waltz up and down the ladder of wave ratio between worlds.
unity of a linguistic sequence or chain, defined in terms of its relations with its surroundings.
(in healing) - Psychotherapeutic technique of convincing a patient that one's internal and external environments are predictable and reasonably under control. By gaining coherence the ill person gains hope and thereby avoids hopelessness. There are three components to the concept of coherence: comprehensibility, manageability, and meaningfulness.
1) the state of unity/minimal entropy of a living system, 2) physical congruity and consistency (of the intrinsic autonomic nervous system rhythm as evidenced by the heart rate variability rhythm).
A measure of the amount of linear and time-invariant dependence of an output signal on the input signal.
Measures how much of the output signal is dependent on the input signal in a linear and time-invariant way. It is an effective means of determining the similarity of vibration at two locations, giving insight into the possibility of cause and effect relationships.
Coherence is an advanced Content Management System build on top of Zope. Coherence has site-, user- and filemanagement. Some of the special features are a WYSIWYG page-editor with a drag and drop interface, versioncontrol, workflow and linkmanagement.
This is a subheading in dataset information (metadata) referring to whether the statistics were collected using standard methods, statistical frameworks, and classifications. Adherence to these standards improves the ability of the information to be combined and compared with other sources.
a measure of how similar in frequency two signals are. Reflects the amount of information shared between (or common to) two site, or between two sites and a third (or more) site(s). This is computed as a correlation coefficient between the channels, and varies from 0 to 1.0, or from 0 to 100%. Coherence training is important, as it allows neurofeedback to be used to train the amount of coupling or connection between brain locations, as the brain functions.
In probability theory and statistics, coherence, like correlation, gives a measure of the dependence of two random variables.
In a thought experiment proposed by the Italian probabilist Bruno de Finetti in order to justify Bayesian probability, an array of wagers is coherent precisely if it does not expose the wagerer to certain loss, no matter what set of wagers his opponent chooses.
A sticking or cleaving together; union of parts of the same body; cohesion.
How a ball of moist soil (bolus) behaves when squeezed in the hand. The bolus is coherent if it sticks together when squeezed.
Suggests itself for connection as established under specification, in distinction from consistency attained in symbolic process.
Listening term. Refers to how well integrated the sound of the system is.
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Coherence is a quality of being ordered or integrated.
the state of cohering.