Definitions for "CoE"
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Corps of Engineers--An organization in the U.S. Department of the Army.
US Army Corps of Engineers
Cab Over Engine, a body style usually used on trucks.
Centre of Excellence
Centre for Open Education (previously Centre for Evening & External Studies). Handles non-award (single unit), and short courses.
Centres of Excellence. The COEs are one component of the Defence Learning Network. They consist of skilled personnel supported by technology who enable the system to operate from a content delivery and learner management perspective. The CoEs provide learning services and develop improved e-learning practices for the MA/DA. They are composed of a central body of management, support, and administrative personnel, as well as e-learning consulting and support personnel.
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Conseil de l'Europe
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Coefficient of Expansion. A measure of the change in length or volume of an object.
Coefficient of Expansion. The measured expansion of heated glass based on the percentage of change of a glass rod heated one degree centigrade.
Coefficient of Expansion. The relative amount that glass will expand when heated
a document that you will receive from UNE, that will enable you to apply for a Student Visa from the relevant High Commission, Embassy or Department of Immigration & Multicultural & Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA). COEs will also be sent to you electronically (via e-mail).
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See Cabover.
(Code of Ethics) - The Breeders Code of Ethics outlines the ethical breeding practices expected of all JRTCA members. ( info)
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Bum senior male staus category
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cost of equity
Cost of electricity The cost of electricity (COE) is comprised of three components: capital and installation (C&I), operation and maintenance (O&M), and fuel (F). The total cost of electricity from a DER device is the sum of these three components, expressed in dollars (or cents) per kilowatt-hour: Total COE ($/kWh) = C&I + O&M + F.
Close of Escrow. Documents have been signed; the loan has been funded; title has recorded to new owner; sometimes possession of the home is immediate, sometimes after a certain number of days, per contract.
A Certification of Eligibility is issued by the New Jersey State Historic Preservation Officer. For properties not already listed on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places, a COE satisfies a prerequisite to apply for funds from the New Jersey Historic Trust, as well as several county preservation funding programs.
Cost of Education Allowance
Council of Europe
Council on Occupational Education
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Church of England.
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Confirmation of enrolment
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Committee Of Experts
Central Office Environment
Central Office Equipment. Switching and related equipment on a local telephone companyƂ's property.
Common Operating Environment, or the standard configuration for all computers/systems in a network to allow more efficient operation, upgrades, etc.
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(very expensive) permit for car ownership