Definitions for "Codominant"
when both alleles of a trait are expressed at the same time
The condition in which two alleles in a heterozygous organism are both expressed, so the phenotype has characteristics of both of the phenotypes of individuals homozygous for either allele. Blood type (A, B, AB, O) is an example of codominance.
Refers to two alleles that each contribute to the phenotype of a heterozygote.
Keywords:  canopy, crown, ifpm, tree, topmost
Trees with medium-sized crowns forming the general level of the crown cover. They receive full light from above but are crowded on the sides and thus receive comparatively little light from the sides.
in stands with a closed canopy, those trees whose crowns form the general level of the canopy and receive full light from above, but comparatively little from the sides. In young stands, those trees with above average height growth.
Trees with crowns receiving full sunlight from above, but comparatively little from the side (see crown classes).