Definitions for "Code point"
(1) A 1-byte code representing 1 of 256 possible characters. (2) An identifier in an alert description that represents a short unit of text. The code point is replaced with the text by an alert display program.
a) [IBM] A unique bit pattern defined in a code. Depending on the code, a code point can be 7-bits, 8-bits, 16-bits, or other. Code points are assigned graphic characters in a code page. b) Location in a coding scheme. There are several notations of this position. In ISO the position is defined by its row/column in the code table (e.g. 5/14). In the IBM environment the hexadecimal representation of the location is prefered (e.g. X'5E').
See Character Code.
Keywords:  phb, dscp, recommended, map, multiple
a specific value of the DSCP portion of the DS field. Recommended code points should map to specific standardized PHBs. Multiple code points may map to the same PHB.