Definitions for "Code of Conduct"
Non-legislated guidelines that one or more organizations agree to follow. Also referred to as "voluntary code" or "code of practice," it typically outlines service standards that you can expect in dealings with a company subscribing to the code.
This is a set of rules that pirates lived by.
A code of conduct is a set of standards or rules for ethical behaviour. In the context, of ethical trading a code of conduct (or, more accurately, a code of labour practice) is a set of standards concerning labour practices adopted by a company and meant to apply internationally and, in particular, to the labour practices of its suppliers and sub-contractors. These kinds of codes are in effect the unilaterally adopted policy of a company and are sometimes considered as one kind of voluntary private initiative. [ section 1
The code to be adhered to by Role Analysts to underpin the use of HERA, ensuring the scheme is implemented in a fair and transparent way.
a set of conventional principles and expectations that are considered binding on any person who is a member of a particular group
a general statement outlining what you expect from your associates in the workplace
an open-ended statement of your expectations regarding employee behavior
a formal statement of the values and business practices of a corporation
A formal statement of business practices, that publicly commits the company to defined minimum standards.
a document that identifies the characteristics, spirit or attitudes of a community, people or system
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a written guide that says how people should behave
an important management tool which can positively shape the culture of an organisation
A policy, often for a school or business, that specifies allowable use of resources such as computers and other equipment.
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