Definitions for "Code 93"
Keywords:  intermec, symbology, encode, ascii, bar
A bar code symbology that is discrete, variable length, and self-checking. It requires loose printing tolerances. It can be used interchangeably with Code 39 when higher density printing is required. The character set is the same as Code 39: A – Z uppercase, 0 – 9, dollar sign ($), period (.), slash (/), percent (%), space ( ), plus, (+), and minus (-). It can be extended to full 128 character ASCII by use of a four-character encoding scheme (see full ASCII). Its maximum density is 14.8 characters per inch.
Code 93 is the complimentary version of Code 39 and allows labels to be approximately 30 percent shorter than Code 39. EXAMPLE OF A CODE 93 BAR CODE
A code developed by Intermec that includes a character set that is identical to Code 39. Each character is constructed from nine modules arranged into three bars with adjacent spaces. Nominal bar code density is 13.9 characters per inch.