Definitions for "Code 128"
An alphanumeric bar code consisting of 3 bars and 3 spaces that represents the full ASCII 128 character set.
A variable length, continuous, and weakly self-checking bar code developed by Computer Identics. It requires loose printing tolerances. It supports the extended ASCII character set. Its high density makes it useful when printing data in a limited space. The character set includes all 128 ASCII characters. Each character is represented by 11 modules and four bar widths. Its maximum density is 12.1 alphanumeric characters per inch or 24.2 numeric characters per inch.
Code 128 is an alphanumeric bar code specifically designed to reduce the amount of space the bar code occupies. Each printed character can have one of three different meanings, depending on which of three different character sets are employed. Code 128 can be recognized as the labeling standard for UCC/EAN 128, used as product identification for container and pallet levels of retail markets. EXAMPLE OF A CODE 128 BAR CODE