Definitions for "Cocktail"
Keywords:  gin, beverage, liquor, brandy, vodka
A beverage made of brandy, whisky, or gin, iced, flavored, and sweetened.
The anglicized pronunciation of the name of a damsel in Mexico who served her master with a mixed drink so pleasing that he gave it her name, Octel. So, while the liquid cocktail comes from Mexico, the edible cocktail is an American misnomer popularized by usage.
Short mixed drink made of two or more ingredients.
a beautiful thing, a hand crafted act of love
Cocktail was a hit movie released by Touchstone Pictures in 1988. Cocktail stars Tom Cruise as a talented bartender who finds love while working at a bar in Jamaica.
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Cocktail is the debut album from the Mexican Electro/Pop band Belanova. The album was recorded in Mexico City in 2002 and finally released in February 14th, 2003 without promotion. The album spent its first months on the shelves, but then radio picked up the first single, "Tus Ojos," by the summer of 2003.
a mixture of any one of the compounds useful with this invention with another drug or agent
Mixture of several products Jack: Synonym of heroin. Shit: Moroccan cannabis resin.
A cabinet which is designed to look like a table. Usually, gamers will sit in chairs while playing. Many cocktails will "flip" vertically in multiplayer mode, allowing two gamers to sit across from each other.
Refers to the sit-down-at table-type machines. Also have heard them called "tabletops."
an aperitif, so is Sherry, so is a glass of Champagne or white wine, if so consumed
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A species of rove beetle; -- so called from its habit of elevating the tail.
Keywords:  sixteenth, eighth, breed, impure, veins
A horse, not of pure breed, but having only one eighth or one sixteenth impure blood in his veins.
Keywords:  coward, fellow, half, hearted, mean
A mean, half-hearted fellow; a coward.
Keywords:  antiviral, hiv, slow, virus, together
a group of antiviral drugs, that together can slow down the HIV virus
a joint of combined tobacco and marijuana
a set combination of drugs.
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a Code Generation Tool for Java that represents the program structures in trees