Definitions for "COBOL"
Co mmon usiness riented anguage] A third-generation programming language designed to handle business problems.
CO mmon usiness riented anguage. In 1959 the United States Department of Defense started an effort to develop a business language that met their requirements. Starting in 1960 the first COBOL compilers were introduced and usage increased through 1967. In 1968 the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) sets the first official COBOL standard - COBOL/68. In 1970 the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) makes ANSI's COBOL/68 an international standard. In 1974 the COBOL/74 standard was introduced. In 1985 the COBOL/85 standard was introduced. In 1989 Intrinsic functions were added to the standard. In 2002 the COBOL/2002 standard that included object orientation was introduced. For more information of COBOL usage and programming examples refer to .
Common Business Oriented Language. A English-like programming language, for use in batch or online environments.