Definitions for "Cobbler "
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Fruit is topped with a crust, which can be made from cookie dough, pie pastry or biscuit topping, and baked.
A tall drink traditionally served in a Highball or Collins glass filled with finely crushed ice and decorated with fresh fruit and mint sprigs. It may use any type of wine or spirit with or without a sweetener.
originated in America as a drink for hot climates. Fill a highball glass with crushed ice, add 1 teaspoon fine sugar, one measure of gin, whisky or brandy, stir and decorate with seasonal fruit.
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A mender of shoes.
One who mends or makes boots and shoes.
a person who makes or repairs shoes
The cobbler, Cnidoglanis macrocephalus, is an eeltail catfish found along the coasts of Australia, favoring shallow protected waters near river mouths. It is also known as deteira, estuary catfish, and South Australian catfish.
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A clumsy workman.
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Cobbler is a command line tool for configuring provisioning and update servers. It supports provisioning via PXE, virtualization , and re-provisioning an existing Linux system when having a PXE environment isn't possible. The latter two features are enabled by usage of ’koan’ on the remote system.
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A beverage. See Sherry cobbler, under Sherry.
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an intellectual
A seated pose. Itâ€(tm)s similar to Butterfly posture, but the knees are pushed out to each side.