Definitions for "Cobalt"
A tough, lustrous, reddish white metal of the iron group, not easily fusible, and somewhat magnetic. Atomic weight 59.1. Symbol Co.
A metallic element that can be charged with a magnetic field.
Symbol: Co. Atomic mass: 58.933 A silver-white metallic element that is used in testing to determine whether a solution is aqueous.
only known function is a component of vitamin B12(Cobalamin) - so a cobalt deficiency results in a B12 deficiency. Coenzymes Organic compounds, often derived from B vitamins, that combine with inactive enzymes to form active enzymes
An essential trace mineral used to make cobalamin.
an essential trace element and a vital part of the vitamin B-12 molecule. Cobalt is complexed to form the reactive site of vitamin B-12 and stimulates red blood cell production.
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Lymphoma Tetracycline
A generic term for two different processes for making either negatives or direct positives on paper. When exposed and washed with a solution of silver nitrate, the salts of cobalt change colour to brown and the resulting negative may be re-exposed to light to form a direct positive. Cobalt prints may also be used as a generic name for a variant of Calotype, in which cobalt was used to speed the exposure time or to conserve silver nitrate. For an account of this process see Robert Hunt, Researches on Light, (London: Longman, Brown Green and Longmans, 1844), p. 160. Exhibits created using this process
The substance used to power Visitor energy weapons. The people of Rawlinsville, California, were briefly used as slave labor in the local cobalt mine there, but the L.A. Resistance shut down the operation. Source: " The Overlord"
Fosters channelling, communication with the higher forces, balancing and praying. Cobalt teaches us to be open and give thanks.
A type of radiation used to give external radiation therapy.
60: A radioactive substance used as a radiation source to treat cancer.
A radioactive isotope used in the treatment of cancer.
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A commercial name of a crude arsenic used as fly poison.
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Mobility Substrate
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