Definitions for "Cob"
Coordination of Benefits. A way to decide which insurance company is responsible for payment if you have more than one insurance plan.
This is a process by which the order of payment is determined when a person is covered under more than one group health plan.
HCFA's program to help correctly determine what each patient's insurers are in order to avoid incorrect payments by Medicare.
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Chip On Board (Technologie)
chip on board: a bare die is attached to a PCB, wire bonded and subsequently protected with a glob of resin material
Chip on Board. The LCD driver is formatted into an area of the PCB.
Continuous Open Bidding. Also called open bidding and informal membership recruitment; COB bids may be extended and accepted at any time during the school year other than formal recruitment.
Continuous Open Bidding. also called informal recruitment; a time, other than formal recruitment when bids may be extended and accepted.
Continuous Open Bidding. A time after formal NPC sorority recruitment when bids may still be extended and accepted. Not all NPC Chapters participate in COB.
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A mixture of clay, sand and straw. It is mixed with water to a bread dough consistancy, then packed to form a wall or other structure. It dries to a very hard and tough material that resists fires, earthquakes, and time. See the Building Materials page or the Links page for tons of info about cob.
Unburned clay mixed with straw.
clay mixed with sand, straw or gravel
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A leader or chief; a conspicuous person, esp. a rich covetous person.
A short-legged and stout horse, esp. one used for the saddle.
A sea mew or gull; esp., the black-backed gull (Larus marinus).
type of horse characterised by hunter-type bone, short legs, short coupled heavy horse, usually no bigger than approx 15.1hh
stocky short-legged harness horse
type of horse, rather than a breed, a cob is a horse of stocky appearance, well-adapted to carrying heavyweight riders in all circumstances.
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The axis on which the kernels of maize or indian corn grow.
woody center of an ear of corn
the large round mass of an ear of corn where kernels grow
A punishment consisting of blows inflictod on tho buttocas with a strap or a flat piece of wood.
To strike
To punish by striking on the buttocks with a strap, a flat piece of wood, or the like.
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Central Obrera Boliviana
A Spanish coin formerly current in Ireland, worth abiut 4s. 6d.
Crude coinage of silver or gold used in the Spanish Empire from the 16th to 18th centuries.
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'Kob' ( Adenota kob) medium-sized antelope
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COMMAND OPERATING BUDGET. Justified budget requirements that are made by estimating the expenses of decisions relating to resources.The COB is determined by general operating agencies, who submit their calculations to the HQDA in the summer (July).The COB is calculated using data from the PGB (May Program Budget Guidance).
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A cobnut; as, Kentish cobs. See Cobnut.
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Coc - Certificate Of Competency
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nut of any of several trees of the genus Corylus
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adult male swan
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A fish; -- also called miller's thumb.
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Collocated Operating Base
Company Operations Base: Specifically referred to here as the company operations for the Long-Range Surveillance (LRS) company.
Commission des Opérations de Bourse, the French securities industry regulator. Web address:
Package that generally has a large opening for loading on a binding operation that has beveled edges. A cob's dimension normally includes the length of the tube, the inside diameter of the tube, and the width of the yarn package. Many customers will also specify the length or traverse of the yarn on the package. ( Example: 10” X 5” X 8” with a 9” traverse.)
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City of Brass.
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The top or head of anything.
A lump or piece of anything, usually of a somewhat large size, as of coal, or stone.
Council on Blindness; Current (Employment) Opportunity Bulletin
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A spider; perhaps from its shape; it being round like a head.
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To break into small pieces, as ore, so as to sort out its better portions.
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Source code COBOL
COBAL source code (file name extension)
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course of business
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A young herring.
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Come on body.
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Communication object
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Close Of Business