Definitions for "COATED STOCK"
Paper with an outer layer of coating applied to one or both sides. It is used to enhance quality and printability. This coating allows the paper to be printed without significant ink absorption. This lack of absorption assures that the ink doesn't run or spread and cause blurriness or lack of contrast, which can be especially important for recreating sharp, bright printed images, black and white halftones and four-color process images. The smooth surface of coated papers also helps to reflect light evenly.
"Coated" or "glossy" stock refers to paper that has a slick finish on it. We can ink-jet address on most coated stocks by using our ink-drying equipment mounted on-line with our ink-jets. Unless you are using a paper that you have used successfully in the past, it is a good idea to get us some sample sheets that we can test before you proceed with printing. Back
Paper having a coating that produces a smooth, shiny surface, usually reserved for covers. Also see Varnish.
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Material coated on one or both sides with a mixture china clay, latex and other loadings to fill up surface pits and improve the printing surface. The process can be accomplished either on-line on the papermaking machine (machine coated) or as a separate operation (off-machine coated).