Definitions for "Coast"
The exterior line, limit, or border of a country; frontier border.
The seashore, or land near it.
To draw or keep near; to approach.
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To slide down hill; to slide on a sled, upon snow or ice.
As a form of locomotion, meaning to glide, slide, skid, or skate along without propulsive power, to coast [from the Latin for "rib," which came to mean "a slope down which one slides"] is divine. As a metaphor, meaning to proceed easily without special application of effort or concern, coasting is a dangerous sport; sometimes an idler must pedal, too. See: DISTRACTED.
a slope down which sleds may coast; "when it snowed they made a coast on the golf course"
Cache memory is generally hard-wired to the system board. However, you can often add to or upgrade your systems cache by inserting a cache memory module into a socket on the motherboard. These modules are called Cache On A Stick, or COAST modules.
Cache on a stick. Coast modules are used to upgrade a motherboard's L2 cache and Tag memory on some socket 7 and older motherboards.
Cache On A Stick. A popular design specification for cache modules.
To conduct along a coast or river bank.
that geographic area west of the Cascade Mountains, as officially delineated by the Cascade Mountains Administrative Line through British Columbia from Washington state to Alaska, including the lower Fraser River area south of Hell's Gate (south of Boston Bar), taking in the Coquihalla, Silverhope, and Skagit River drainages lying east of the line, but excluding the portions of the Kalum Forest District and Cariboo Forest Region lying west of the line.
Coast is a BBC documentary series first broadcast on BBC Two in 2005. A second series started on Thursday 26 October 2006 and the BBC have commissioned a third. It covers various subjects relating to both the natural and social history of the British coastline.
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a travel video which captures the landscape from San Simeon (where Hearst built his magnificent estate) to Monterey
a typhoon-killer, meaning that probably all we have to worry about here is the lack of adequate preparation for the inevitable great earthquakes
Croydon Outreach and Assertive Support Team
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Coast is a New Zealand radio network owned by The Radio Network that plays middle of the road music. Its slogan is: Timeless Music.
Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology - is a multiple project, multiple investigator laboratory in computer security research in the Computer Sciences Department at Purdue University. It functions with close ties to researchers and engineers in major companies and government agencies. Its research is focused on real-world needs and limitations, with a special focus on security for legacy computing systems.
The Consortium Of Anti-Spyware Technology vendors (COAST) is a non-profit organization that has been established to create a forum in which members can collaborate on a wide range of projects designed to increase awareness of the growing spyware problem facing everyone using the Internet.
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move effortlessly; by force of gravity
a measure of the desperation of the situation
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The side of a thing.
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the area within view; "the coast is clear"