Definitions for "Coagulation"
The change from a liquid to a thickened, curdlike, insoluble state, not by evaporation, but by some kind of chemical reaction; as, the spontaneous coagulation of freshly drawn blood; the coagulation of milk by rennet, or acid, and the coagulation of egg albumin by heat. Coagulation is generally the change of an albuminous body into an insoluble modification.
Growing together of minute particles to form larger ones which are called flocs and are easier to filter. Also referred to a flocculation.
Method whereby milk is clotted, making cheese.
Microdialysis Thermoregulation
Membrane Thermoregulation
Metastasis Thermoregulation
Ligament Stomatitis
Meningitis Stomatitis
Meningitis Skull
A method of destroying endometrial lesions by dehydrating the cells with a bipolar or thermal coagulator
The process by which cellular proteins are melted and destroyed
when used to refer to a surgical procedure, coagulation means the destruction of tissue with an electrical current, which is one procedure which may be used during a Laparoscopy to destroy the growths of Endometrial implants
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Laminin Serum
Invasive Serum
Membrane Serology
Inflammation Septic
Membrane Septic
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Ligation Suppository
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Labyrinthitis Subarachnoid
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Methotrexate Steroid
Intravascular Recurrence
closing a blood vessel through heat, such as with an electric current (electrocoagulation) or a laser. Using a laser in twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome allows reliable coagulation of the vessel only, without damage to surrounding tissues, all this within the amniotic fluid.
Occurs above 70° C and 99° C. State where the tissue is heated and the callogens are converted to glucose.
Usually refers to a change in or denaturation of a protein that results in hardening or precipitation. Often accomplished by heat or mechanical agitation.
a permanent change to the chemical structure of protein brought about by heat, mechanical action e.g. whisking, acids or alcohol.
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Lymphadenectomy Species
An irreversible process in which a number of emulsion droplets coalesce, leading to complete separation of the emulsion.
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The transition of a solutional state into a gel-like state. This is what happens when a wound stops bleeding.
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The substance or body formed by coagulation.