Definitions for "CoA"
consists of the total of handset subsidies, commissions, and advertising and promotion expenses related to the initial customer acquisition during a given period. As defined, COA excludes costs to retain existing customers.
Includes a student's tuition, fees, room and board expenses while attending school, and an allowance for books and supplies, transportation, loan fees, dependent care costs, costs related to a disability, and other miscellaneous costs. Reasonable costs for a study-abroad program and costs associated with a student's employment as part of a cooperative education program may be included.
Cost Of Acquisition. The expense associated with acquiring a visitor or converting a visitor to a sale.
Contract of Affreightment - quantity contract. An agreement between shipowner and shipper concerning the freight of a defined amount of cargo. The shipowner chooses the ship.
COA is the abbreviation for Contract of Affreightment, which is an agreement providing for the transportation of a specific quantity of cargo over a specific time period but without designating specific vessels or voyage schedules, thereby allowing flexibility in scheduling. COAs can either have a fixed rate or a market-related rate. An example would be two shipments of 70,000 tons per month for the next two years at the prevailing spot rate at the time of each loading. Crude Oil Oil in its natural state that has not been refined or altered.
Contract of Affreightment - Contract whereby owner or operator of a ship agrees to transport a specific quantity of a particular cargo over a given period of time at agreed intervals or sizes. This arrangement saves both parties the task of renegotiating a fixture for each cargo movement.
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an abbreviation for coenzyme A.
CoA Coenzyme A
Certificate of Airworthiness
Certificate of analysis. A document which reports actual analytical data obtained from testing a representative sample of the product lot to be shipped to the customer
Certificate of Authenticity - presents proof that an item is genuine.
Chart Of Accounts. A listing, at the 6�digit level, of all accounts within the Financial Accounting system. Sometimes the COA defines the accounts at the 10�digit level as well. The 10�digit level includes account controls and object codes.
See Chart of Accounts.
Chart Of Accounts. This is a systematic listing of all accounts used by the university. The COA is the basis for all accounting done at the university.
a sharpened stake used to open the furrows where maize is sown. This tool is of pre-Hispanic origin.
Council on Accreditation; one of the agencies recognized by the Division of MHDDSAS and the Division of Medical Assistance to accredit providers of mental health, developmental disability and substance abuse services and to accredit systems management functions of Local Management Entities (LMEs).
Abbreviation for the Council of Administration of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.
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hange ddress.
A machete type tool used by the Jimador for harvesting agave.
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City of Albuquerque
one of the hardest quests currently created for Wyvern.
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Change of Address. Citizens fill out of a change of address form upon changing addresses. The USPS keeps track of these changes, and mailers can access the database via NCOALink processing.
Co-Enzyme - Co-enzyme A plays a central role in the production of energy in your cells via a biochemical pathway called the Krebs' cycle. This involves the production of energy from fats & carbohydrates.
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an intimate community
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Canada/Ontario Agreement
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Commission on Athletics
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Coates Hire Limited
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College of Agriculture
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course of action
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See Care-of Address..