Definitions for "Co-operative"
The ownership of a separate amount of space in a multiple dwelling or other multiple-occupancy building with proportioned tenancy in common ownership of common elements. Used jointly with other owners however, the owner does not own his/her specific unit but he/she becomes a shareholder of the corporation which owns all the real property and occupies by way of a tenancy agreement subject to a shareholders agreement administered by an elected board of directors.
A winery run and owned by a group of local winemakers. Quality varies - some can turn out high quality wines, others produce little of interest.
A form of multiple ownership of real estate in which a corporation or business trust entity holds title to a property and grants the occupancy rights to - shareholders by means of proprietary lease or similar arrangements.
a business formed by a group of people which is based on democracy
a different way of doing business
a good way to work for many people - though not everyone," he says
(see pages 6, 7, 10 and 12) Covenant is an agreement(s) written into deeds promising performance or nonperformance of certain acts or stipulating certain uses or non-uses of the property. Deed Restriction is an imposed restriction in a deed for the purpose of limiting the use of the land.
A type of organisational structure which is recognised by law and can be registered.• Non Profit Associations
a voluntary organisation, open to all persons able to use its services and willing to accept the responsibilities of membership